NYC Native // Queens, NY.

I started on the internet when I was 12 years old. I was in Junior High School and we had just gotten a home computer. Having a home computer at that time was still a new concept, though I was one of the last of my friends to have one. Dial-up, broadband connections, Welcome to AOL. From using the computer for school work, to using instant messengers (Shout out to AIM!), I became very interested in having and making personal websites. I had my first website at 12, using Angelfire. Throughout the years I taught myself some HTML and CSS for personal use. I never studied it in school or thought about it as a career, and still don’t- it’s just for fun. I worked my way to having my own domain name and using an FTP and helping others with there websites.  I also became a website manager for a local, hometown band which was fun.

As for blogging, I have used several blog sites from Xanga, LiveJournal, DeadJournal, to WordPress.  When I had my own domain I actually used WordPress at one point to power my blog.  I primarily used my blog as a journal, chronicling my days, and also as a help tool for those getting started in the blogging/website world.  I studied graphic design in High School and learning Photoshop and other graphic programs at that time helped me get more creative.  Again, I am not a professional in anyway, and that’s not my end goal, it’s just for fun.  After College, (Am I aging myself here?? Haha) I started focusing on other things and I was just out enjoying my life without writing about it.  Apps like Instagram took over in my life and I enjoyed chronicling via square photos.

Now, I’m trying the blogging life again, just simply made.  I don’t have a specific focus here, I’m not going to be posting specifically just personal blogs, music artists to watch out for, recipes, or DIY’s, etc.  I want to do a mixture of all things.  It’ll be all the above and maybe more, a reflection of how varied my tastes are and a product of whatever I feel like!