3:00am knows all my secrets…

It’s later in the morning at this point (finishing this post actually in the afternoon), but 3:00am and I know each other all too well.

The life of an insomniac.  Somedays I can sleep through the night with no problem, others,  I am up the full night through.  I am also not a day napper, so there is no claiming back that deserved sleep till the following night where I try again.

Last night was one of those nights, sleepless in New York City.  Breathing exercises, bedtime yoga, sleepy time tea, essential oils, counting sheep, counting sheep backwards… Nothing could help bring this girl to a restful night.  And it is a vicious cycle that can be all consuming at times.

It’s been getting worse the past month, more than usual, but there are other, external forces at play this past month.  But in general, it includes the inability to fall or stay asleep, exhaustion, confusion, feeling on edge, and the inability to focus.

Hopefully tonight will be a sleep ‘catch-up’ night zzz.


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