Walking for a cause

So if you are familiar with my blog so far, you’ll see I’ve made some changes.  I’ve added my campaign for MS, or multiple sclerosis.

This post isn’t really an advertisement to help donate to my campaign, but more of the idea of supporting causes.  Charity walks cause motivation for people to walk, and for people to walk for a cause.  The more people that walk, the more notice the charity gets.  There isn’t just walking though, there are runs for causes, bicycling for causes, etc.  The funds from these events go to help raise more awareness and to help for cure research.  Dozens of charities sponsor walks that you can check out online, probably some in your local area.

Why do it, why do I walk?  Some of the walks I’ve done are in of support for my friends and family, I’ve done walks in support of my sorority’s philanthropy, and I’ve done walks that my past jobs have helped sponsor.  The whys of people may or may not be selfless sometimes, but at the end of the day, the charity benefits.  If you decide to help a charity out, good luck!


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