‘One Click Wonder’

So besides myself trying to get back into blogging, I was with one of my best friends today and I’m encouraging him to get into it as well.  As we were talking about it, I brought up what I was mentioning yesterday in regards to the shift I experienced from having a blog to having a Myspace page, to a Facebook page, to Instagram, to Snap Chat, etc, etc.  During our conversation, I called it a ‘one click wonder’.  There’s probably definitely a term out there describing the social media phenomenon I am talking about, but let me explain here what I mean.

It’s going towards an experience where the way we digitally/socially connect with each other is just through a series of a click.  It’s like scrolling through your Facebook feed and having the ability to connect with someone and something that you like by just clicking the ‘Like’ button and then continuing to scroll.  The same with Instagram, you scroll through your feed and you can just single click the heart button if you like something or you can ‘Double-Tap’ the photo and continue to scroll.  Connecting on Snap Chat is just to click on someone’s ‘Story’ so that you can watch it and so the person who posted it can see you watched it.  The same applies on all different social media platforms and it has really changed the way we connect in the world.

Blogging has also adapted the same idea.  I remember when to connect with someone on a blog you would write a comment, but now you can also just click a like button.  The way we connect to the world is always reshaping and ever changing, following our current needs and wants.  Or sometimes we don’t realize we need and want it until after we have it.

“Be sure to click the like button if you like this post!”  😉


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