10 Facts about me

Brand new year, brand new blog.  It’s been probably a decade since I last sat behind a computer and typed up a blog.  I used to love writing in a diary or writing a blog post, but as life went on, I strayed towards Facebook or Instagram more and then I never gave myself the time to write and didn’t even know what to write about anymore.  So to start off and to dip my toe into the bloging world again, and to introduce myself to those who don’t know me, I’m going to share 10 facts about myself.

  1. I am several different ethnicities.  Perhaps for a future post, but this is one of those things that I wonder that when you are so mixed through the generations, when do ethnicities ‘die’ out?  I range from mostly German and Taiwanese, but I also have mixes of English, Scottish, Hawaiian, etc.
  2. I grew up in NYC.  I’ve never lived in Manhattan, but I was born and raised in the outer boroughs.  I love NYC so much, and it will definitely always be home to me.  Some people are not city people, but it is something I value as being able to have in my life.
  3. I love the arts.  I am definitely not a talented artist, but I appreciate the arts.  Music is a big part of my life, my father raised me and my siblings on it, and ever since I was young, I learned to appreciate visual art.  My music tastes range mostly throughout the Rock genres, and my favorite artist is Claude Monet.  I also love reading, if written word counts as an art.
  4. My favorite types of food are Thai and Italian.  A random fact about me, but I am a partial foodie.  I mean, who doesn’t love food?  There are so many options around me and so many types of food that I enjoy, but give me Chicken Pad Thai or Chicken Parm, and you’ve won my heart.
  5. I’ve had several kinds of pets throughout the years.  A not just the typical dog/cat pets (I’m actually allergic to cats though).  We’ve had a few family dogs, we currently still have our pet Shih Tzu, and we’ve had several family birds.  I don’t think I’d ever have my own bird in the future, but two of my favorite family birds we had was a green parrot named Mario and a blue and gold macaw named Iko.  For my own pets, I used to have fish (to the point where I had up to a 40gal tank that was a full ecosystem), a pet rabbit (RIP Pancakes), and I currently still have two red eared slider turtles.
  6. I love hosting.  I am definitely not a wonder women in the kitchen or as a decorator, but I can hold my own and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I always try to have a holiday party, I love hosting brunch, dinner parties, or game nights.  Not as a weekly affair but every once in a while.  I just love being around my friends- who are like the family you get to pick.
  7. I love to be outside, especially on a beautiful sunny day.  So much so, that I once had a really high fever but from my bedroom window I could see how beautiful of a day it was outside and I pushed myself to out.  And not just like go for a short walk in the neighborhood, I went on an hour subway ride to my favorite part of the city to enjoy the outside walking around and reading on a park bench.
  8. I play the Ukulele.  Definitely not a pro of any sorts, I do it for fun.  It’s funny, in high school I originally wanted to play the electric bass, and I was fortunate to be able to since we had one at home.  But I never really stuck with it, and I felt my fingers were a little too short and stubby to really play it right.  One day I picked up the ukulele at Sam Ash, and I was hooked.  Four string, smaller frets…I was sold.
  9. I’ve only been out of the country twice.  Canada and Aruba.  I’ve vacationed in Puerto Rico before as well, but that is U.S. territory so I don’t count it really.  I’ve also generally only been on the east coast, for the first time ever, in March of 2016, I went to the west coast, to Southern California.  The future goal is to travel more and hopefully get to Europe one day.
  10. I am a tidy person.  I wasn’t always, probably not until college, and especially when I moved out on my own I liked things particularly neat and I thought how easy it was to clean my apartment when I keep things neat and tidy during the week.  I am not always on point with the neatness, but pretty close in my opinion.


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